Types of massage

How many types of massages do you know? There might be some you have already tried and some you are going to try in future. There might be some you have decided to never try. But you know what they say: “never say never”. So, let´s sum it up and eventually find some inspiration for yourself. What do we know pretty well, are these massages:

  • Hot stone massage – this one is quite common massage, that many people have already tried. Stones are usually the heated basalts stones, that are placed on your body after removed from hot water by therapist. The heat helps to treat the muscles injuries or helps to reduce the stiffness.


  • Sports massage – For those people, who do the sports regularly, muscle stiffness is common, and it usually connects with soft tissue in the body. Sports massage therapists can prevent the injuries by targeting soft tissues.


  • Deep tissue massage – unlike sports massage, the aim of deep tissue massage is to target deeper layers of muscles. This kind of therapy can help someone who overdid sport or who has a poor posture for a long time.
  • Swedish massage – In this massage, there is not too much pressure used by therapist, so this can be a good start for someone, who has no experience with therapies and might feel pain when using other therapies mentioned above. This massage often includes tapping, long strokes and light.

There can also be a type of massage, you have not been familiar with just yet, so let´s get to introduction.

  • Erotic massage – With erotic massage, you can use a wide range of techniques especially targeting on sensuality and sexuality. The main benefit of erotic massage Prague is a lack of erotic frustration you will feel after, and a knowledge you will get from professional therapists, who can tech you, how to feel your body and how to find a pleasure with just massage.

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